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30 Apr What’s the Ideal Wattage for Vaping?
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We keep getting questions from vapers every single day. So, today, we decided to answer one that we get quite frequently: what's the ideal wattage for vaping? The truth is that there isn't a unique answer to this question. After all, it depends on your personal tastes, your vape juice, and your hardware. While there is some science behind this, the..
30 Apr What’s The Difference Between Mouth to Lung and Direct To Lung Vaping
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If you’re a vaper, you’ve probably heard someone describe a mouth to lung (MTL) hit or a direct to lung hit (DTL). The difference between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping might be hard to envision if you’ve never vaped. If you’re a smoker or a vaper, you know that a mouth to lung hit isn’t too far off from what you do when you’re smoking a c..
30 Apr What is inside vape juice?
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Even though vaping is not particularly new, most vapers don't really know what vape juice contains. While this wouldn't be an important question in other industries, the reality is that when it comes to vaping, there is an immediate red flag and lots of "experts" stating that vape juice includes all kinds of dangerous chemicals and additives. So, i..
30 Apr Vaping Box Mod's All You Need To Know
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When you decide to enter in the vaping world, you may be a bit confused first. After all, when you are looking to buy your first vaping device, you'll hear and read terms such as mech mod, personal vaporizer, pen-style mods, unregulated mod, among so many others. And when you think you're done, it's time to choose the flavor. And now you have to ch..
30 Apr Vaping 101
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Vaping 101You probably already know that vaping is in fact different from smoking. Good. But do you know what vaping is?The birth of the geniusIt was Hon Lik’s brilliant mind that re-invented vaping and the e-cigarette in the early 2000s after he lost his father to lung cancer. While that in itself was driven enough, his hatred for his own smoking ..
30 Apr Vaper’s Tongue
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One of the reasons that lead many smokers to switch to vaping is related to the taste. The truth is that electronic cigarettes tend to taste a lot better. Besides, you get to choose from a wide range of menthol, dessert, and fruit juices. In case you have been vaping for some time, you probably already noticed that the vape juice flavors may start ..
30 Apr Vape vs Cigarettes
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The Vaporizer vs. The CigaretteThe many reasons to make the switch from cigarettes to vapingThe question is often asked - are there any benefits to vaping? Vaping is still beingdiscovered, still being researched, and still has a fair bit of skepticism. However, vaping hasmany benefits when compared to traditional smoking. These benefits are signifi..
30 Apr Vape Juice Flavors for ex-smokers
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Vaping has been seen as a great help for many smokers to quit tobacco. Generally, tobacco smokers tend to begin their vaping experience with tobacco vape juices or menthol tobacco juices. After all, in the first stage, they are trying to mimic or replicate the experience they had with smoking.As time moves on, ex-smokers tend to change their vape j..
30 Apr Types of Vaper's
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The truth is that there are still many people who are a bit skeptical regarding vaping and they assume that this is a subculture. However, we also need to say that there isn't a standard vaper. The reality is that there are 6 different vapor styles. So, which one is yours? #1: The Flavorist:For Flavorists, as you can easily see, the flavors are eve..
30 Apr The beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect e-liquid
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The beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect e-liquidYour journey into the awesome world of vaping starts with an e-cig. After trying out a couple of devices, you finally come across the perfect one for you. Soon, you’ll discover that the liquid that comes with the e-cig doesn't last forever. And the e-cig quickly transforms from a very cool invent..
30 Apr Steeping Vape Juice?
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When you are looking for a vape juice, you won't have any problems finding one that you really like. After all, there are so many different vape juices from different manufacturers, with a wide range of flavorings, that you should be able to find one that you like. However, if you are new to vaping, you may not know that vape juices aren't all made..
30 Apr NICOTINE SALT ( SaltNic )
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When it comes to vape, most people are familiar with the freebase nicotine found in most e-juices available on the market today. This explains why nic salts are not so well known. So, in the first part of this article, I’m going to bring you to speed and answer some key questions including what Nicotine salts are, how they are different to freebase..
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