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E-MEDWAKH REPLACEMENT PODSلعشاق المدواخ, بودات الجهاز الاقرب والافضل لسحبة المدواخ وجوه الي ماله مثيلQuick Link:E-MEDWAKH KITرابط الجهازE-Medwakh Pineapple Ice:Flavor: Pineapple Ice1.5mL/pod20mg NicotineE-Medwakh Watermelon Ice:Flavor: Watermelon Ice1.5mL/pod20mg NicotineE-Medwakh Mango Ice:Flavor: ..
50.00 AED
JUUL Pods ( Original )
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JUUL Pods ( Original )All JUUL Salts e-liquids are made with premium-quality ingredients that have been hand-selected by a team of scientists that, when combined with advanced temperature-regulated vapor technology, delivers an outstanding experience and flavor. Each pod contains a proprietary blend..
95.00 AED
The MYLE Vapor Pods are a flavorful and unique pod that gives you 0.9mL of e-liquid and 5% nicotine. This salt-based pod system is perfect for those trying to quit smoking.FEATURES:- 0.9mL Pod- 240 Puffs (Approx.)WHAT'S IN THE BOX:- (4) MYLE Pods..
50.00 AED
MYLE REPLACEMENT PODS V4 ( 4pcs/Pack ) A pack of four (4) disposable magnetic MYLÉ Vape podsSalt Nicotine (SaltNic) Ejuice0.9mL/magnetic pod5% nicotine by volume/pod240 puffs/pod (approx.)MYLÉ Verison 4 Pods..
65.00 AED
PHIX POD FLAVORS (4 PACK VAPE PODS):PHIX vape pods contain 1.5 ml of e-liquid – our pods last up to twice as long as those for competing pod vaping systems. Ceramic Wick: You want to taste your e-liquid – not your wick.Temperature Control Technology: our device monitors the temperature of the a..
110.00 AED
Smokeless while DL or MTL vaping Pre-filled, no need for messy refills Buttonless operation No leakage with 360°rotation LED indicator Compact and Portable.Limited Time Offer ( Buy this Device now and Get 3x Pods Pack included with this offering each Pack value 75 AED and contains 3x Filled Pods).Fe..
335.00 AED
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